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      Kej is the deer. Let's observe him with his four legs. This day is the symbol of the bearers of the four directions. Kej is the four pillars of the Sky and the Earth. This day is ordering us, compelling us to carry out good actions, to do "good".

      The persons born on a day Kej have great responsibilities with their people, their community ; the responsibility of behaving well, of acting well, of acting analysing well everything, of being a good father or a good mother, of being a good teacher and of giving good teachings, of knowing to act with rightness. They have to know to give holy offerings to the Ajaw (Heart of the Earth, Heart of the Sky).

      When the invaders arrived with their horses, the indigenes gave them the name of deer, which was then used as a horse for his strength.


      Yucatan : Manik'

      Color : Black
      Orientation : West

      It means the deer, strength, authority, four cardinal points ; nawal of the sacred stick ; nawal of the human being and of the family.

      It symbolizes the day of the human being as main authority and guide of the village and community. It means the strength and the power which bears the destiny of humanity. It represents the four supports, the four pillars and the four cardinal points which were created from a start to carry with strength and energy, the Earth, the Moon and the Stars.

      The deer is one of the bearers of the World. Let's refer to the 4 strengths of Mother Nature ; the elements which nourish life: the Sun, the Earth, the Air, the Water ; the 4 Balams.

      It is the sign in charge of the woods, forests and of Mother Nature ; of the balance between human beings and Mother Earth ; it is solidity and stability.
      It is all kinds of beings of four legs.

      It is the service with humility, the vision of what is coming ; it is a highly positive sign.

      Kej is an appropriate day to carry out ceremonies of initiation to become Ajq'ij (spiritual guide).
      The ceremonies which are celebrated are to ask for strength, to ask for gestation, healing and protection of people.
      - Wajxaqib' Kej (8 Kej), is the day of the commemoration of the dead people ; it is the day to thank our ancestors for all that we have inherited from them, for the possessions and especially for our spirituality. It is as well the day of commemoration of the ceremonies which have been carried out from the beginning of the world by our first ancestors, since nowadays.

      Kej constitutes one of the four Bearers of the Year, Bearers of Time.

      The person born on a day Kej was conceived on a day Kawoq and his/her destiny will be ruled by the day Tz'ikin. They can become Ajq'ij, depending on the guide consulted and on the number which accompanies his/her day.
      Their major virtue is the art ; they are great seekers of truth, good advisers. They possess a very developed intuition, which can serve them to avoid many problems in their life. They know very well how to dissimulate their character. They should know how to balance the theory and the practice in order to reach balance and harmony in their life. They are protected by the four elements ; they might fall, but they get up every time.
      Their health is good ; they are very strong and they can stand almost everything. However, if they harm with their power, they will become weak and get ill.

      Positive Characteristics
      Strong persons in body and in spirit ; agile, responsible and intelligent persons, with a strong power of convincing, sure of themselves, good advisers and persons who show solidarity.

      Negative Characteristics
      They are easily angry, exigent, stubborn, vicious ; they have a tendency to take advantage of situations and people ; they are impulsive, manipulative ; in external appearance, they are quiet and inside, they are very compulsive persons. They can cause evil through their thoughts.

      The Mayan Cross of the KEJ

      IMOX KEJ AJ     


      The person born on a day Kej is conceived on a day Kawoq and his/her destiny is ruled by a day Tz'ikin.
      The persons born under that sign have to pay attention to the harmony, the art, the beauty, otherwise with difficulty they will find happiness. For their evolution, they need to be in contact with Mother Nature.

      Kawoq - Cauac

      The energy of their conception, Kawoq, brings them opportunities and abundance if they know how to conserve it, how to have it evolve and not waste it. They need the protection and the security of their shelter.

      Imox - Imix

      The energy of the Imox, on their right side, orientates their life towards the art and towards seek for beauty and harmony and it makes them more flexible in life. This sign makes them do unusual things. They can easily develop their intuition.

      Aj - Ben

      The Aj, on their left side, gives them good luck and fortune ; it brings them lots of opportunities, contacts and relationships abroad and with foreign people ; it is in foreign countries that they will find spiritual development. They will be recognised as authority.

      Tz'ikin - Men

      The energy of their destiny, Tz'ikin, is the strength which gives them true luck, fortune and protection ; and which will make them distinguish themselves all through their life.

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      nawal Kej


      Q'anil is the day of the seed. It is the semen of the human being, of the animal, of the ones that live in the rivers, in the lakes and seas ; of the ones who fly ; it is the semen of all the animals. Q'anil is the seed of our food.

      That day is sacred, and on that day, we can ask for the life of our children ; for them to be good, healthy, intelligent and obedient ; for them to be humble under the Ajaw (Heart of the Sky, Heart of the Earth) ; for them to be the good seed of the future.

      Q'anil is a very special day for the pregnant women or the women who are thinking about pregnancy. On that day, we ask for the one to be born, to be a female or a male ; not to suffer any physical or mental problem.


      Yucatan : Lamat

      Color : Yellow
      Orientation : South

      Seed, food, sowings, germination, life, creation, love

      It is the symbol of the regeneration of the Earth, of the rebirth after the death, the exact same way as the growth of the sacred corn. It represents vitality, fertility of human beings, animals and plants. It is the day associated with plants and all the live beings which have seeds.
      It is the divine semen, the cosmic seed planted on this planet.
      It symbolizes the four colours of the corn (yellow, red, black and white).
      It is the fertility of human beings, plants and animals.

      The ceremonies which are celebrated on the day Q'anil are carried out to thank all that Mother Nature brings to us : plants, life, rain, our food. It is an appropriate day to thank for the sowings and the harvests ; to ask for children, animals to evolve in harmony ; also, it is a good day to overcome the difficulties that poverty causes. It is as well an appropriate day to reconquer or take back something that is believed lost, a lost love ; it is a day of understanding. It is the day of good beginning.

      - On the day Wajxaqib' Q'anil (8 Q'anil), day of the blessing, we can ask for good sowing, good harvest, as well for animals not to harm or damage our growings. It is an appropriate day to ask for our shyness to get away ; it is the day of the pregnant woman ; the day to ask for the renewal, rebirth of sterile lands.
      - The day Kab'lajuj Q'anil (12 Q'anil) is a good day to offer and ask from all our heart to the Creator and Builder for the well being in life.

      The person born on a day Q'anil was conceived on a day Ajpu and his/her destiny will be ruled by a day Ajmaq. They are great farmers and cultivators of Mother Earth ; they can be Ajwaja, requesters of the food, the rain, the flower of life, the blow of life on the Earth.
      The Q'anil is a cyclic sign ; its energy gives them a life full of changes. All that they start will generate success ; slow, but safe. They need to transmit their love and tenderness. They have spiritual strength within themselves.
      Their major challenge is believing in themselves.
      They bear the information of life.

      Positive Characteristics
      They are lucky, fortunate, hard-working, patient, intuitive, emotional, harmonious, good advisers and administrators ; they are creative and easily they adapt to their environment ; they are good defenders of other people.

      Negative Characteristics
      Selfish, overproud - They are sick, pathological ; they suffer from several types of weaknesses, and a weak energy.

      The Mayan Cross of the Q'ANIL

      IQ' Q'ANIL I'X


      The person born on a day Q'anil is conceived on a day Ajpu and his/her destiny is ruled by Ajmaq. They look for peace and harmony. All that they start will be successful, slowly but surely.

      Ajpu - Ahau

      The Ajpu on their conception gives them power ; a gift for service and help to others. They will overcome the challenges and obstacles on their way, and step by step, they will reach trust and confidence in themselves.

      Iq' - Ik

      The Iq', on their right side, makes them dreamers and of easy understanding ; they are sensitive and have a good imagination. They are very influenced by the moon.

      I'x - Ix

      On their left side, they are influenced by the energy of the I'x which brings them dignity and responsibility in all that they carry out ; also, it brings them the strength to end up with what is inconvenient to them. Their work will be recognised. They have to solve their own problems and have their own needs satisfied, before helping others.

      Ajmaq - Cib

      The energy of their destiny, Ajmaq is the one which the most influences in their future ; it generates changes in their life and gives to their life a direction towards spirituality. Ajmaq is "curiosity" and this energy impulses them to exploring unknown worlds.

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      nawal Q'anil


      Toj means paying. It is a special day to pay ; what do we pay ? We pay for all that we have, for what we are ; for all that the Ajaw (Heart of the Sky, Heart of the Earth) has given to us. How do we pay ? We pay with a ceremony.

      Also that day is used to ask for being well paid for our work ; it is only if we are well paid that we can provide our family with what it needs and maintain it.

      Toj is the sacred fire. Toj is to thank, to reconcile ourselves with ourselves and others under the Ajaw (Heart of the Sky, Heart of the Earth) ; also, it is a day to heal our pains and sufferings. It is as well a day to obtain what we need and to thank for life and all that it has given to us. If we feel we are failing, we have to understand we are responsible for our failures as our failures result from our lack of knowing how to look for and then find the thread or path of our destiny.

      Mayan ceremony

      Yucatan : Muluk

      Color : Red
      Orientation : East

      Illness, pain, offering to Mother Nature (to pay her back for our lacks of respect to her), pain, strength, energy, light

      It symbolizes the suffering that is generated by the sin. It is the appropriated day to give offerings ; also for the invocation to the Creator and Builder, to thank the Creation for all that surrounds us. Toj is the payment and the balance of justice, love, communication, reunion. It is a warm sign and as well magnetic and sensitive. It is the day of payment to the Creation, to Mother Earth, to the Universe and to all the elements ; that day, we pay for the benefits and challenges presented in our life by the energy. Toj means as well Tojil, when the Balam gave their offerings towards the rising Sun, to thank the new dawn, the new beginning ; it is the sacred ceremonial fire.

      Toj is a day to thank and ask, through the offering, for the well application of justice ; to protect the life of persons easily subject to accidental deaths ; to be in communication with the Creator and Builder. That day, we offer for the prevention of illnesses, difficulties and for the liberation from any negative energy. We ask to pay for our past lives and for no obstacle to be put on our way.

      The person born on a day Toj was conceived on a day Imox and his/her destiny will be ruled by a day No'j. They lead an intense life and full of emotions. They are considered good spiritual guides, good defenders and mediators. They bring spiritual strength and light to the shelters, families and villages. They can become Ajq'ij (spiritual guides) or give well their offerings, according to the advice given by the spiritual guide. The bearers of this sign are gifted and they have lots of energy that they have to know how to orientate and canalize. They have to pay for pending things ; for past lives which left them a negative outcome.
      The illness can be generated by substances introduced in the body, by the influence of negative energies. To enjoy good health, they have to give offerings to the Creator and Builder every 20 days.

      Positive Characteristics
      They are strong, respectful, creative, intelligent, dynamic, sincere, analytical, brave, imaginative, and balanced ; they show solidarity.

      Negative Characteristics
      They are vicious, easily angry, aggressive, possessive, and mentally unstable.

      The Mayan Cross of the TOJ



      The person born on a day Toj is conceived on a day Imox and his/her destiny is ruled by a day No'j.
      The bearers of this sign are given a special power to develop their internal strength ; they have to use this power for positive purposes and not orientate and waste it in negative things.

      Imox - Imix

      The energy of their conception, Imox, brings them a good dose of sensitivity and excentricity ; it developps their intuition and revelations through their dreams. It gives them as well a good relation with water.

      Aq'ab'al - Akbal

      The Aq'ab'al, on their right side, will make them look physically younger than their real age and it will as well give them a vanguard and futurist vision. They will be given lots of opportunities all through their life.

      Tz'ikin - Men

      The Tz'ikin, on their left side, gives them an extra energy which will make them appear restless and very powerful. They will enjoy a good social position and good fortune.

      No'j - Caban

      The energy of their destiny, No'j (knowledge and wisdom) will make their life a marvellous and dignified experience.

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      nawal Toj


      Tz'i' is the day of authority. It is the material and spiritual authority. Us, all the beings who live on the face of the Earth, we are ruled by two laws : the Divine Law and the Natural Law.

      We are living under those rules of obedience, fraternity and respect of the authorities, masters, ancestors, elderly people, and our parents. The Tz'i' is the authority and the symbol of authority is the Stick of power. Our duty is to be obedient and not rebel. We can't disrespect the right of our brothers and sisters, the right of our ancestors and less the authority.


      Yucatan : Ok

      Color : White
      Orientation : North

      Dog, game, friendship, authority, faithfulness, day of the childbirth

      Tz'i' is the law, the authority, the justice, the faithfulness and the order. It is the protector of the material and spiritual law ; it represents the order and the accuracy. It is the interpretation of the known and unknown.

      Tz'i' symbolizes the sign of the law and the authority, on an Earth plan as well as on a cosmic plan ; it is the justice and it is the day which brings the truth to light.

      They are the first parents who gave us those laws, based on the harmony of Mother Nature.
      Those authorities find their energy in natural places like the altars or pyramids.

      The ceremonies which are carried out on a day Tz'i' are for the negative forces not to triumph, and for the authority to get mysticism, vision and understanding for a good application of the justice ; to beg for pardon for the evil thoughts and the wrong use of the resources coming from Mother Nature. Tz'i' is a day to ask for solutions to legal problems and for the divine intervention to obtain solutions to any kind of issue ; to be in spiritual and material balance.
      - kablajuj Tz'i' (12 Tz'i'), day of work of the midwife.

      The Tz'i' means as well the Dog
      which is help and advice.

      The person born on a day Tz'i' was conceived on a day Iq' and his/her destiny will be ruled by a day Tijax. They possess the virtue of intervening in favour of people, of correcting the mistakes, of undoing the knots in which people can be trapped, of healing from the pains and from the evil. They are meant to become Ajq'ij. As representative of the Creation on the Earth, they have to make justice be applied and respected. Their biggest handicap is their pride.
      They are emotionally unstable, confused and unsecured. Their illness is generated by their insecurity and their sexual behaviour. The addictions are the worst enemies of their life and they can lead them to the tomb/grave. Their sanity can only result of a persistent fight to find their essence and become themselves and cut with all the vicious circles of their life.

      Positive Characteristics
      Friendly, respected, balanced, brave, courageous, just, fair, lawyer and judge ; faithful, pleasant, just, strong, delicate, agile, strategic, resistant ; romantic, sensitive, sensible, idealist.

      Negative Characteristics
      They are vicious, ambitious, easily getting into making enemies, manipulative. They want to apply their own law and impose it to others. They need advice and protection from the Ajq'ij.

      The Mayan Cross of the TZ'I

          K'AT TZ'I' AJMAQ


      The person born on a day Tz'i' is conceived on a day Iq' and his/her destiny is ruled by Tijax. They bring benefits and prosperity to the whole community.
      They are lucky in love, although they can easily change their relationships.

      Iq' - Ik

      The energy of their conception, Iq', gives them lots of imagination ; sometimes they don't make the difference between their imagination and the reality. They have to orientate this quality towards the art. The Moon has a strong influence on them.

      K'at - Kan

      The K'at (the web), on their right side, brings them knots and problems. They have to learn not to rule other people's lives, and this way the web will help them get what they want.

      Ajmaq - Cib

      The Ajmaq, on their left side, makes them come closer to spirituality and it develops their vision, intuition and gives them divine skilled and gifts. It attracts them prestige and good position on a social plan, as well as on an economical plan.

      Tijax - Etznab

      The energy of their destiny, Tijax, helps them withdraw all that can cause them pain or all that represents a shadow on their way. It gives them the power of cutting the negative energies.

Tz'i' : en français | en español | in english

      nawal Tz'i'