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      That day, Kawoq teaches us how to live, how to behave with the family and with people ; in the communities and with all the authorities. All the virtues given by the Ajaw are meant to work with straightness and obedience.

      All those messages received like revelations, visions of the cosmos, visions, signs on the body, signs on the fire, signs of smog ; all that are messages that have been given by the Ajaw, Tz'acol B'itol and it is essential to learn to understand and interpret those signs.

      The energy of this sign is in constant Communication with the Ajaw ; the Creator of all we see ; it is as well a communication with the spirit of the volcanoes and mountains ; with the spirit of the great cataracts where the heavenly voices and messages are perceived. It is important not to forget to carry out ceremonies in the dimensional centres or in any other ceremonial centre where resides, the Great Kabrakan.

      Yucatan : Kawak / Cauac

      Color : Black
      Orientation : West

      Nawal of the rain, Guardian, day of the pole of authority ; lightening, duality of the Sacred Fire of the Voice.

      "This day symbolizes the Guardian of the well being which reminds us of our first grand-parents ; their difficulties, arguments and problems they went through at the beginning of the world ; all the obstacles that they succeeded in overcoming, carrying out their mission among humanity and for humanity ; establishing that day as the guardian energy of the well being and the security of all."
      It is the day of the mediators, defenders, judges. It is the day of the value of the pole of authority ; day of the woman who warms up the heart of the shelter with her maternal love. It is the energy which brings the rains in order to obtain good harvests. Kawoq is synonym of fecundity, versatility, music, painting and imagination. It is the day of the energy of nature and of the elements. It means the strength of the union, the expansive consciousness, the growing, the fertility and the children. The community, all working towards a same goal ; avoiding that way the selfishness and the others taking advantage out of personal interest. Asking for a just and immediate solution to the courts, and also asking for a good day to cure the illnesses.

      Kawoq is a special day in which the Ajq'ij (spiritual guide) and the Iyom carry out ceremonies of offering in order to ask for the sun to illuminate and warm up, for the well being of the people, for the health of the ill persons, for the end of the conflicts and problems, and for the courage of the wand of authority to triumph. Also, that day, we can ask for wisdom in the use of medicinal plants and favourable weather for the growing and crops.

      The person born on a day Kawoq was conceived a day B'atz', and his/her destiny is ruled by Kej. This person tends to attract problems and difficulties, but if he/she knows well the energy of this day, he/she can protect him/herself and build him/herself up to become a defender or an essential member of the authorities ruling the social life. They are not ambitious and accept things the way they come. Their personality contains features of conformism. They live and act for their family. They have to learn not to manipulate or impose their vision to others.
      Their health is strong ; they hardly get sick.

      Positive Characteristics
      Balanced, calm, tender, affectionate, home-loving, can become a spiritual guide, a midwife, they are responsible and caring parents with the vocation to heal illnesses, in particular the illnesses typically affecting women. They receive good signs and messages in their dreams and as well in their body : they always improve their knowledge and they can't tolerate injustices.

      Negative Characteristics
      Drunkenness, conflicts, difficulties, tendency to anger ; they tend to be blamed for the losses and the evil which occurs.
      Sometimes they get involved in situations which are none of their business.

      The Mayan Cross of the KAWOQ

         AJ KAWOQ KAN


      The person born on a day Kawoq is conceived a day B'atz' and his/her destiny is ruled by a day Kej. The sign Kawoq gives a tendency to the communitarian. Sign of abundance.

      B'atz' - Chuen

      The energy of their conception, B'atz', gives them a good ability to plan and execute communitarian projects ; and it helps them get closer to traditional medicine.

      Aj - Ben

      The AJ, on their right side, gives them a strong and authoritarian character, although deep inside, they are noble and they always look for protection.

      Kan - Chicchan

      The influence of the Kan, on their left side, makes their mind and spirit reach a combined relationship. It awakes the occult powers within them.

      Kej - Kiej - Manik

      The energy of destiny, Kej, features them as a sensitive, flexible, nervous, quick thinkers and actors. The sign Kej warns and indicates the importance of being careful ; as where the least expected, the treason can be found. They need to dedicate somehow a big part of their life to the art and as well, they need their own space and refuge, shelter.

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      nawal Kawoq


      Ajpu is the day of the sun. It is the day of Hun Wukub Hunahpu and the twin magicians Hun Ajpu and Ixbalamque. It is a special day for all the craftspeople, musicians, dancers, painters, carvers, sculptors, polishers and for all the people who practice the arts.

      When the Light of the Sun illuminates us, its rays make us awake the mind and they lead us on a way of obedience. The feet and the hands are our tools, means to help others, the needy ones. You will serve without conditions and this way, you will triumph above all. Through serving all, you are opening a breach for your future ; for the Light to never put out on your way. This Light is your shelter.  Be obedient and humble and you will be the example among all.


      Yucatan : Ajaw / Ahau

      Color : Yellow
      Orientation : South

      Sun, unity, shelter, production, spirituality, vision, Light, energy of the sun on the nature, the good and the evil. Blow pipe shooter, hunter, everlasting walker.

      It is the symbol of the punishing power of our ancestors still present in energy and watching over their property, home, and shelter.  It represents the musicians, artists, observers, communicators and writers. It is the day created by the progenitors in order to serve as a balance between the good and the evil, but according to their teachings, we can affirm that always the good triumphs upon the evil. The notions of the good and the evil have been given to us in order to help us measure, evaluate and be driven in our path of life on the blessed face of the Earth ; they have been given to us to help us measure and evaluate our behaviours and our attitudes and as well to help us be certain that always, we are asked to defeat the evil thanks to our goodness. It is the triumph upon the negative energies, the spiritual warrior. The twins Jun Ajpu and Ixbalamke defeat all the challenges and obstacles in Xibalba, the underworld ; they die and resurrect ; allegory of the spiritual awakening.

      This sign bears material and spiritual certainty ; it is the transformation and mutation ; the one who carries out miracles. It is the Sun ; the solar representation ; the day of Greatness and Strength of Life. It is the intervention of the ancestors responding to the requests asked for during a ceremony. It is the physical strength ; the strength to go on living after death.

      It is the day to ask for wisdom to the Creator and Builder in order to understand the knowledge of the older, more experienced and wiser people than us. It is the day to receive divine and natural messages, to ask for the maternal milk, to ask for the healing of illnesses ; to ask for helping children improve their oral communication ability and as well to ask for strength for the weak ones.
      The ceremonies carried out on a day Ajpu have to be as strong as the Sun in order for the evil, the illnesses, the calumnies to be pushed away the more harmonious way possible. It is the day which gives strength, courage and energy to overcome the obstacles.

      The person born on a day Ajpu was conceived on a day EE and his/her destiny will be ruled by the day Q'anil. They have the mission of orientating, guiding humanity, of giving the real spiritual Light, and not their idea of the Truth. The ego is their major obstacle on their spiritual path.
      Their health is complete ; of a great physical strength and for that reason they don't tend to easily get ill.

      Positive Characteristics
      They are judicious, courageous, good, friendly and pleasant, victorious, perseverant on their path, wise, farmers ; smart, observers and fighters.

      Negative Characteristics
      They are easily angry, take revenge and are aggressive : they avoid responsibilities and don't accept corrections

      The Mayan Cross of the AJPU

          I'X AJPU KAME


      The person born on a day Ajpu is conceived on a day EE and his/her destiny is ruled by Q'anil. This person will be protected by a higher force, but if he/she does not become aware of this force, he/she will probably be a prejudicial element for the society : someone who divides and misleads ideas.
      He/she has a deep, profound vision which goes beyond the shallow and superficial.

      Ee - Eb

      The sign Ee, in the conception, will generate lots of travelling in their life and per period, they will live abroad. This energy encourages the love stories with foreign people.

      I'x - Ix

      The energy of the I'x, on the right side, gives them the power of being good intermediaries ; it is the energy which gives them artistic talents. To men, the knowledge of women is given. In the woman, the man will put femininity, sensuality and smartness.

      Kame - Keme - Cimi

      The Kame, on the left side, protects the life of the one born on a day Ajpu. It gives them a great curiosity, courage and adventurous spirit.

      Q'anil - Lamat

      The energy of destiny, Q'anil, makes them sowers ; their mission being showing the way and sowing the seed, without necessarily seeing the fruits of their actions.

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      nawal ajpu


      Imox is the day of the hypnotiser, the therapist, the telepathist and the healers. This day teaches us the notion of evil and good. If you practice the speciality of the Imox, you will be given Powers ; Powers of Bering able to heal any illness. Before exercising any kind of work, the first thing you need to do is meditate in order to get the power and the authority to carry out everything well. You will be a very balanced person who will be able to control him/herself.

      All the creatures have been conceived and created under divine norms and laws ; with a healthy memory aiming to do "the good". If you aim to act wrongly, devilishly, you will loose all the virtues that the Ajaw has granted to you and you will become full of pride. You will be guilty of so many things, so much craziness, and later, even if you regret your actions.., you will have stained your honour and honesty because all that you will have carried out will have been done and will be part of your way.


      Yucatan : Imix

      Color : Red
      Orientation : East

      Water, sea, agitation, argument, production, brain


      The Imox is the spirit of the rain. It favours the communication with the water animals, dolphins, whales...

      The fixed farming calendar starts on a day Imox.

      It is the symbol of the occult forces in the universe, manifested in madness and insanity. It is the day when the forces of Mother Nature became dangerous ; at the same time, it is a day which settles the order as the balance in the mess and chaos. Imox is the name of all occult or secret things. It represents as well the left side, the left arm which mission is to help the right arm settle an efficient cooperation with the Heart of the Sky and the Heart of the Earth in the development and evolution of the world and humanity.

      Imox represents the strength of our mind ; it maintains the unity of all ideas.

      It is the original and telluric force, the melting pot of all where life appears. As well it is the perturbation of the human creations and actions ; the confusion.

      This sign offers an ability to treat and remedy mental and behaviour disorders.
      This day, we have to pay attention to set within ourselves a positive and centred balance, as if not, we can be led to stupidity.

      The ceremonies which are carried out on that day Imox aim to help persons charged or overwhelmed by negativity ; as well they aim to reach healing people and thanking Mother Earth through offerings given to her.
      It is an appropriate day to ask for rain ; for the rivers to remain alive ; for the wells and lagoons not to get dry. It is as well a perfect day to develop our internal powers.


      The person born on a day Imox was conceived on a day Aj and his/her destiny will be ruled by a day Toj. It will be necessary for the person bearing the energy of the Imox, to consult an Ajq'ij, spiritual guide, who knows how to look for the balance, in order to overcome the negative energies and become a being with an open and sincere mind and personality. His/her day will not attract to him/her difficulties, but it will be a day full of hope. The person bearing the energy of Imox, can become an Ajq'ij ; he/she is considered strange, eccentric, as well crazy and wild. He/she dares to do unusual things that others don't dare to do. They feel that nobody understands them.
      Imox gives a special ability for the development of the intuition and the revelation of messages through dreams.
      Their health is determined by the change, agitation and alteration of their temper and behaviour which are lacking of control sometimes and unstable. They are full of uncertainties and doubts for not knowing what to do and what to look for. They can easily reach craziness and loose their mind.

      Positive Characteristics
      They are producers, creative, artists, hard-working persons, great thinkers and philosophers with a special ability for handcrafts. They can receive cosmic messages.

      Negative Characteristics
      They are unsecured, violent, indecisive, vague, messy, stubborn, slow and they generally lack of confidence in themselves and others. They can be really dumb and lost if they don't find guidance.

      The Mayan Cross of the IMOX

      TZ'IKIN IMOX KEJ     


      The person born on a day Imox is conceived on a day AJ and his/her destiny is ruled by a day Toj. It is the sign which the quickest develops paranormal Powers : they have a great connection to water animals.

      Aj - Ben

      The energy of their conception, Aj, orientates their life giving to it order and seriousness ; without this Aj influence, they would suffer a great imbalance empowering their crazy side.

      Tz'ikin - Men

      The Tz'ikin; on their right side, attracts to them luck and good fortune in their work and in business and allows them to lead a comfortable life. They are romantic, tender and warm ; however, they can end relationships radically in a minute.

      Kej - Kiej - Manik

      The energy of the Kej (the deer), on their left side, gives to them sensibility and sensitivity, also a closeness to nature and a great ability to adapt to any situation and place. Also it brings them mental flexibility to solve the problems and knots of their life.

      Toj - Muluc

      The energy of their destiny, Toj, will have them pay for their mistakes ; it advises to give material and spiritual offerings to the Ajaw.

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      nawal Imox


      Iq' is the lightening and the storms. It is the day of the Spirit of the Air. The Heart of the Sky gave the Air, nutrition for life, to all the live beings.

      The air nourishes our organism. The air is the element which makes our body function ; it is this element which gives to us the motion and movement. Thanks to the air, we speak, think, walk, see and hear. Thanks to the Air, the Earth rotates ; the waters flow and are in motion, the waves of the sea dance ; thanks to the air, the leaves of the trees move. Thanks to the air, the clouds can travel in the sky and the rivers can run. The Air is the gift that the Ajaw gave to us and it is a gift with no purchasing price. The Air is life for all the beings we are, all inhabiting the Earth.


      Yucatan : Ik'

      Color : White
      Orientation : North

      World, nature, altars, air, breath of life

      It is the symbol of memorial of the end of the creation of the original world ready for all the live beings to inhabit it ; creation in which the sky contributed largely. It is the day of the Heart of the Sky and the Heart of the Earth.

      Iq' is the spiritual and mystical breath ; the vital principle ; the inspiration, ideas and actions. It is the essence of the existence of all live being. It is the day of the altars, of the air which is the sacred blow that gives us strength and fills us in with life.

      The wind is the element which rules the ideas and the changes, it is the cleaning and the purity of the crystal ; it is the invisible space which exists between the material substances in our bodies ; it is the window of the Mayan temples.

      It is the destructive strengths of mankind and Mother Nature ; it is respiration and imagination.
      The wind is the inspiration and wisdom which comes from the highest source.


      The ceremonies celebrated that day aim to thank the Sacred Mother Nature and the whole masterpiece of the Creator and Builder (Ajaw) for all that exists. During those ceremonies, we ask Mother Nature and Ajaw for the wind to take away with him all the sufferings, illnesses and all kinds of existing evil.
      That day, we can heal the persons suffering from psychological traumas ; we can have passions, hates and depressions blown away for a clear tomorrow. As well, the day Iq' is appropriate to ask for protection in general and to obtain the growth of our universal spirit.

      Iq' constitutes one of the four Bearers of the Year, Bearers of Time.

      The person born on a day Iq' was conceived on a day I'x and his/her destiny is ruled by the day Tz'i'. They venerate the world, nature and the infinite space.
      They will walk for a long time on the blessed face of the Earth, in the mountains and valleys ; they will be the messengers from the Creator and Builder (Ajaw). They are meant to become Ajq'ij (spiritual guides).
      The Iq' inbornly are endowed with an impulsive, stormy and changeable strength which gives them lots of imagination, so much that sometimes they believe that what they imagine, is actually real.
      They are very influenced by the energy of the Moon.
      They tend to become ill because of their too passionate side. They easily get emotionally affected and overwhelmed and when they are ill, they discharge their anger on their illness.

      Positive Characteristics
      They are full of life, imagination, physical strength, dreamers, good traders and business persons ; they carry out very pure actions and have a vanguard vision.

      Negative Characteristics
      They are violent, dishonest, domineering, authoritarian, and neglectful ; they have a strong, moody, changeable and impulsive character.

      The Mayan Cross of the IQ'



      The person born on a day Iq' is conceived on a day I'X and his/her destiny is ruled by the day Tz'i'. The sign Iq' is the most sensitive and the most analytical of all the signs.

      I'x - Ix

      The energy of their conception, I'x offers to them understanding and harmony with the opposite sex. They have a great instinct of protection and attack, similar to the one of the felines.

      Ajmaq - Cib

      The energy of Ajmaq, on their right side, gives them a great sense of curiosity, which, if well used, can lead them to discover or invent lots of things. They possess a great energy of healing strength in their right hand.

      Q'anil - Lamat

      On their left side appears the energy of Q'anil, which gives them a special sensitivity, sensibility and ability for the arts, which are their best form of expression. Their spiritual growth depends on their harmony with Mother Earth.

      Tz'i' - Oc

      In the future, they will be accompanied by the energy of the sign of the law : Tz'i' ; only that at their pace, they build their own law.

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      nawal Iq'